floral pillow shams Timeless Interior Design Themes 5- Rustic funny cushion covers

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The key to this interior design style is the choice of materials and textures. Include tactile wood, wicker weaving, ironfloral pillow shams, stone, slate, ceramics and other natural or earthy materials which all work well together to give fabulous visual texture. Pine is one of the key elements making this style ideal for those who love stripped floorboards and pine dressers. Reclaimed materials are also ideal for creating a rustic look along with up-cycling and recycling.

Take inspiration from nature along with the natural knots and grains of wood. Rustic homes use chunky furniture hewed from trees, so go 'natural' and you won't be far off the type of shapes to use!

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Earthy tones such as brown, tan and beige work well as the main colour. Team with accents of burnt orange (one of this season's on-trend colours), reds and greens. Lighting: The cracking fire should be one of your light sources during the winter. In summer, make use of as much natural light as you can. Antler light-shades are ideal, however they aren't to everyone's taste or ethical beliefs so try and use wooden and rustic looking light-shades with candle-type light bulbs.

Don't try to make everything match precisely as you want to keep the rustic theme going throughout your rooms. Leather is another tactile material which you can use for sofas and chairs. Look for curtain fabrics online and mix floral patterns with checks and stripes for upholstery and soft furnishings.

Wooden or stone structures are the ideal building material and although you don't have to build a log cabin to use this interior design style you should make use of any wooden or stone architectural features you have such as fireplaces and window frames.

Wooden blinds can be used as the sole window dressing or combined with curtains to create a warm and cosy look to living rooms and bedrooms. Simple net curtains are the ideal window dressing for kitchens and bathrooms. Try not to obscure your outside view too much by using net curtains at the bottom half of the windows only.

Get creative and make your own tea-light holders by using washed tin cans and punching small holes to make patterns. Use sawn tree trunks as casual seating and coffee tables in living rooms. In bedrooms patchwork bed throws along with? knitted or hand-crafted cushions offer a cosy and warm look.

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