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The key feature of this interior design style is cosy, lived-in comfort, with an emphasis on the use of natural materials, hand-crafted or home-made soft furnishings and accessories, along with a time-worn natural look on furniture. Shapes: Soft natural shapes can be used in furnishings and furniture. Cane and hand woven cane chairs or rustic wooden furniture is ideal.

You should choose colours inspired by nature and your surroundings. Greens are the most common colours teamed with redsfloral pillow shams, beige and creamy white. Tartan or checked patterns can sit alongside floral prints comfortably. Soft, fresh colours also work well in a country inspired home. The end result should be reminiscent of living in the countryside, whether you do or not.

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Large floor lamps with floral shades are perfect for lighting dim corners of living rooms. Table lamps will give a soft warm glow to your rooms. Try and avoid harsh lighting or strip lighting, think back to an era when rooms were lit by roaring fires and candles to help set the scene.

Materials such as cotton, linen and natural fibres look great in a country themed interior. Casual gingham, flora and fauna can be teamed with silk and Damask to create a country cottage look. Toile-de-Jouy is a fabulous fabric to use if you're creating a chic French country look and can sit side-by-side typically English rose patterns and look simply stunning.

Chocolate box thatched cottages, wooden ceiling beans, inglenook fireplaces and traditional rural country crafts should be highlighted where ever possible. However, you don't have to live in a quaint cottage to use this interior design style. False beams may be a little too quaint for town homes, so make use of chimney breasts and fireplaces.

Use curtains which sit on the window sill and have a valance or pelmet which coordinates with the rest of your soft furnishings. Full length floral bedroom curtains are a great way to add character to a bedroom. Coordinate with bed throws rather than have identical fabrics, materials don't have to match exactly to get the country look.

Use cheap rugs in all rooms, including the kitchen, to place over stripped wooden floorboards rather than fitted carpets as these won't give you a layered look which has evolved over time. Family heirlooms and hand-crafted tapestry samplers are the perfect wall decoration.

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