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Classical interior design leans towards the Greek and Roman empires of order, balance and symmetry. The key aspect to classical interiors is a focal point, typically a fireplace in the living room, which has matching light sconces either side along with an ornate gilded mirror over the fireplace. Think along the lines of symmetry and mirror images, for example if you drew an imaginary line exactly down the middle each side will be an exact copy of the other.

Columnsfloral pillow shams, obelisks and reoccurring images will help to stamp this style on a room. Stencilled walls or wallpaper borders with strong classical design elements are a hallmark of a classical interior. Geometric pattern, such as a Greek key, can also be incorporated into the décor. Define open spaces with the use of cheap rugs which have a geometric border.

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The most popular colour choices are those inspired by nature, Greek and Roman empires such as yellows, blues, browns and greens with accents of muted shades of grey, pink and terracotta. Ebony and gold are also used as ornamentation.

Wall sconces as mentioned above either side of the fireplace are typical of classical design. Chandeliers are ideal for central lighting, those that don't have too many tiers are ideal.

Cotton, velvet and organza are great examples of the fabrics you need to include. Reserved elegance is typical and you can also include silk to add a different texture to a room.

Marble abounds, along with natural wood flooring – basically any natural material that would have been used by Greek and Roman empires, so no fitted carpets! Window dressings: Full length curtains uk or drapes are the preferred window dressing. Look for curtain fabrics online with a vertical stripe to add height to a room. Opt for curtains made from Damask, velvet or organza to add further interest to your window dressing. Tassel tie-backs can also be used and are a good place to add gold colour accents.

Unless you want a more contemporary feel to your rooms don't use bright white, creamy off-whites are more in keeping with this interior design style. Marble busts on top of marble columns are perfect, however, not many of us have the space to have these, so choose this style of ornamentation to use in alcoves and on stylish shelving.

There is not a designer alive who can resist a great mirror — the kind that commands the attention of anyone who walks into a room. That’s why we’re so drawn to architecturally inspired mirrors. In newer homes, where rooms are often blank slates, they add a distinctive?patina and lend a sense of history. Inside older homes, architectural mirrors enhance the character of the home. In short, they imbue the same amount of style as any piece of furniture.

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