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As the nights begin to get lighter and the first signs of spring are upon us we tend to refocus our attention on the exterior areas of our home. Bar the conservatory, the patio is the most prominent place within the garden for socialising and cooking and provides a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Whether you use your patio area for planting, dancing or barbequing people often struggle to decorate the area in an innovative, attractive and weather proof way.?Consequently this article aims to provide you with some inspiration on how to create the perfect, practical and pretty patio area.

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As touched upon, the design scheme for your patio area very much depends on its use. If you use your patio for potted plants or growing vegetables the design will be very much determined by the position of the sunlightfloral pillow shams, shelter etc. Whereas if your patio is for hosting parties the design will depend on finding a safe place for the barbeque, maximising space for seating and dancing and positioning the sun-loungers to capture the most of the days sun.

Regardless of this there are several ways to add some individual character to your patio. For example, whether you have one plant or several, shop around for attractive planters that coordinate with your taste and the property’s style.

Consider tall wooden planters for vegetables or chic chrome pots to stand in the corner of a contemporary space. Furthermore, choose plants that are fragrant, textured or with beautiful flowers to create a decoration, style and colour scheme for the area. Add to these pebbles, brass sculptures, logs or statues to reinforce your scheme and add another point of interest.

If practical, try and place your planters and other objects evenly across the patio to create a sense of balance and turn the area in to a logical and enjoyable space. Use these colours and textures to then inspire the fabric?used for cushion covers, parasols, table mats etc. This simple consideration should help bring together the natural elements found elsewhere in the garden and the man made objects used on the patio and inside the house.

Besides creating botanical and artistic features on the patio it is also important to consider coordinating the furniture and equipment to your scheme. If you have used chrome planters, why not opt for a contemporary garden table and chairs, or continue the rustic man-made look, and purchase a reclaimed and chunky wooden alternative.

For a more refined finish consider an antique style cast iron set or delicate oak. Alongside the more mobile elements on the patio consider and take inspiration from the floor material and any fencing, sheds or garden benches that can help create a cohesive scheme for the area.

?Finally, once you have chosen, dressed and positioned your plants and garden furniture you need to add some lighting solutions for darker nights and late evenings. Research to find the huge variety of weatherproof lighting that is also stylish and incorporating with your scheme. Furthermore, think artistically and consider adding lights to your plants, trees and water features to make them a point of interest even in the darkness.

?Whatever your taste and purpose, your patio is a space for pleasure and relaxation and should consequently reflect this via its aesthetic properties. As touched upon consider this space as you would any interior room for you and your friends to sit back and enjoy.

I recently had a milestone birthday (I’m not saying which one) and when my husband asked me what I wanted as a gift, I didn’t ask for diamonds, an ocean cruise, or a new wardrobe…more than anything, I wanted a sewing room makeover! So I took myself off to IKEA to see what possibilities I could find. I wanted furniture that was beautiful, calming, and most of all, functional (plus reasonably affordable). What I had before was dark, and somewhat functional, but mostly a pieced together hodge-podge collected over the years. I have a fairly large work area (10′ x 20′) with an office in one end and a sewing space at the opposite end. I ended up selecting four pieces that, so far, seem to be exactly what I had in mind!

You love your pet and the wagging bundle of joy is the apple of your eye. Just like your kid, you don’t mind spending a good chunk of cash in keeping your pet happy but before head off for your next shopping spree, take a pause. Shopping for pets is not as simple as “walk in the store”, “purchase”, “get out” as it requires a bit of planning.

I’m still hoping for mild weather, but that hasn’t stopped me from adding spring colors to our home. Earlier this week I shared my spring home tour with tips to bring spring into your home?{even if it’s still cold and snowy outside}. One tip is to infuse your home with spring colors. Colors evoke emotion and can make a space feel more calm, cheerful, romantic, etc. Now that you have taken a little of our home tour, I’m going to share how I am using colors this spring.