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 floral pillow shams     |      2020-03-30 04:15

Today I’;m going to show you how to make a tassel out of yarn. It’;s the perfect little embellishment to add to a clutch or zippered pouch. This one even has a handy way to attach it to a zipper pull. If you like this post you may also like my post on how to make a pom pom zipper pull and how to make a pom pom.?

You’;re also going to get a tiny little sneak peek at a project coming later this week! I’;ll be sure to let you know when it posts.

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Normally I’;d post this type of project on Tuesday as a part of my Ten Minute Tuesday series, but this week we’;re going to mix it up a bit and pretend today is Tuesday *wink*.

To make a mini tassel that attaches to a zipper you’;re going to need:

Begin by winding yarn around your hand. ?The more yarn you wind the larger the tassel will be. ?You can also use a piece of cardboard if that is easier for you.

Using another piece of yarn, tie a knot in one end of the yarn you wrapped around your hand.

Cut the yarn on the opposite end from where you tied it.

Take another piece of yarn and wrap it around the tassel near the top about 1/2″; -1″; down. Wrap it around several times then tie it in a knot and hide the ends of the yarn in with the other strands.

Using the yarn that you tied onto the top of the tasselfloral pillow shams, tie a jump ring to the top. ?Don’;t tie it too tight or your yarn will break. ?Hide the ends in with the other yarn strands and clip.

Attach a lobster clasp to the jump ring using needle nose pliers

Give the tassel a good trim to even up the ends and you’;re done!!I also write for eBay and think you might like some of these “;Crafty”; Guides &; Articles!! (sponsored by eBay, but all content, text and ideas are original to me).



Follow along to learn how to make this cozy fleece bomber hat.? This is a great project for personalizing with an embroidery machine if you have one, though it can be done without the personalization.You'll need 2 pieces of coordinating fleece. For my hat, I used solid black for the cuff, and a sports print for the body of the hat. I have an embroidery machine, so I stitched his name onto the black fleece before I started assembling the hat. You can do the same or something similar, or simply ignore the instructions about the embroidery.The fleece for the body of the hat should measure about 22" wide by 12 inches tall. This will vary depending upon the size head you're trying to fit. I've found that 20-21" is about right for young children. If the head you want to fit is readily available, just measure it and add about 2" for working space.The fleece for the cuff should measure about the same 22" wide, by 7 inches tall. If you're embroidering a name, the name should be stitched about 2-3 inches from the bottom edge of the fleece.You'll also need two pads of fleece for the ear pads, measuring 3x5" each, and you'll need matching "fluff" for the ear-side of the cuff. I used a modern terrycloth, like what they often use sometimes for women's bathrobes. It's heavenly. I want to live in it.

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