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Chalkboard projects may be dying down a bit, but I still LOVE them. There is something so charming about chalkboard signs and I find that chalkboard signs are one of the best ways to add touches of seasonal decor in my home. But I really struggle with hand-lettering. And by struggle I mean I SUCK at it. So, I had to find an alternative way to create perfect chalkboard signs. And a huge bonus is that they are reusable year after year! Read on for the full tutorial.

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1) Start by creating your design and cutting it out. If you use a Cricut machinefloral pillow shams, create your design in Cricut Design Space. I purchased the wreath element and created the text with fonts I already had. It took about 3 minutes to design. If you don’t have a cutting machine, just create a design on your computer and print and cut it out. You can then use your cut out design as a template to cut your vinyl with scissors or a craft knife.

2) Next, cut your foam core so that it will fit inside your frame.

3) “;Weed”; your vinyl design if you've used a cutting machine. That's just a weird way of saying you need to remove all of the excess vinyl so that just your design is left, as shown below.

4) Transfer your vinyl onto vinyl transfer tape. You could peel and stick your design onto your foam core by hand, but using transfer tape helps keep your spacing just right.

5) Apply your design to your foam core board–;use your measuring tape to make sure it is straight before you press the vinyl onto the foam core board. Once you press your design onto the board, remove the transfer tape.

6) Gently rub your sign with chalk and use a paper towel or chalkboard eraser to cover the entire piece of foam core with chalk dust. This is what makes it look authentic, so don't skip this step!

7) Pop it into your frame and hang it up. Here are three different versions that I have made for different holidays/seasons. When they are not in use, I just store the foam core in a closet–;they don't take up much room at all which is awesome!

That's it! Isn't so easy and fun? I'm so relieved I have found a way to create those gorgeous chalkboard signs that I love without having to rely on my handwriting/drawing skills :)

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