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Let’;s learn how to make Ric Rac Flowers with this simple DIY sewing craft tutorial for many ages. These little ric rac flowers look like little rosebuds and can be used for so many things. Flower crafts are always popular, like these Paper Doily Flowers and are a great way to add decoration to your home. Enjoy this guest post for DIY flowers.

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Hey there TCB readers, I’;m Jessi and I blog over atPractically Functional, a blogabout simplefloral pillow shams, practical projects and ideas to help you love your home, no matter where you live! Today I’;m thrilled to be here sharing a super fun summer craft with you guys: ric rac flowers!

These little flowers are so cute, and super easy to make! And they’;re the perfect decoration or accessory; you can add them to hair clips, headbands, shoe clips, purses, or just leave them out on a table to add a pop of color to your decor!

Here’;s what you need to make your own ric rac flowers:

Ric rac comes in different sizes; jumbo ric rac like the stuff I used below will make “;taller”; flowers than medium ric rac, but either one will turn out just fine! I wouldstay away from small ric rac, as it’;s so skinny you might have trouble sewing the two strands together, but other than that, choose whatever size you want!

And now you know how to make ric rac flowers! Glue it onto a hair clip and have fun with it!

Thanks so much for letting me share with you guys today, and if you want to see some other simple craft tutorials, feel free to stop byPractically Functionalfor a visit anytime!

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