floral pillow shams 10 Lovely Little Loft Beds to Free-Up Your Floor Space funny cushion covers

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I had planned a lot of recipes for this week as?I have several in the “bank” to share, but?after reading all of your comments, I have decided to make it more of a progress report style week. I hope that sharing the rooms as they progress will remind you that transformations don’t?usually happen overnight. It’s a process. I don’t want to look back & say that I missed out on some really great momentsfloral pillow shams, but gosh our house was beautiful! Instead, we’re updating our home little by little, as time allows. Today I’m excited about our dining room!

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This quilt top can be sewn in a day! You only sew squares and up with a great modern, triangle chevron design. I even include a quilting diagram if you need some inspiration on how to finish this project.