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In today's post we look at contemporary interior design style where function comes before ornamentation. Although you may think this style is cold and clinical when you get it right the look can create a restful home which is serene and elegant.

Sleek clean lines are paramount to this style of interior design, don't include any furniture which has curved legs as this will mean you have one foot in traditional styling. Although you're looking for clean lines don't forget to add different textures or your rooms can look dull and lifeless.

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Black, white and neutral tones are used with accents bright and bold. Block colouring is often used to create focal points on walls or flooring. For examplefloral cushion covers, cheap rugs with block colouring or simple two-tones are ideal for flooring. Monochromatic colour scheme are ideal for contemporary interiors.

Try not to have central lighting, instead opt for floor and table lamps in main rooms. Spot lighting or sunken spots can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Try using different coloured light bulbs to create different ambience's – with changing colours altering the dynamics of a room.

Use as many natural textures as you without going over the top – cotton and linen are ideal for bedding and throws. Jute or sisal area rugs make an excellent floor covering in eating and living areas.

Contemporary rooms tend to be square, with no fussy architectural features. This doesn't mean that they lack character; draw attention to the shape of windows and fireplaces which house contemporary central fireplaces.

Many contemporary interiors leave windows undressed to make a statement of the clean lines, however, in reality if you need privacy window blinds or Roman blinds fitted inside the window's recess continues the style and provides privacy. Plain coloured voile panels can also be used, more especially if they are white or cream and hung from metal curtain poles or simple tension rods.

Use bold colours wisely rather that indiscriminately, think about order. Clutter and overly fussy accessories have no place in contemporary interiors. Use furniture with geometric shapes or modular furniture. Think along the lines of industrial loft or urban interiors and consider the architectural style of your home before adopting this interior design style.

So what do your teens really want? It is a good question with no one answer, but one thing is for sure - they do want a space they can call their own. Even the younger teens or 'tweens' want to proud of saying they helped to make their bedroom what it is.

Have you ever heard of a quilted postcard? I hadn’t until our last meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild! (Click this link to learn about the Modern Quilt Guild?and find a chapter near you)?Each of us used scraps and trims to stitch our own mini-quilt onto a small piece of? heavy craft interfacing and then attached the postcard backing with fusible webbing. I used some scraps of old men’s silk ties along with some cottons and tried the piece as you go method, stitching directly on the heavy craft interfacing. I really liked using this method with the small pieces, and it was fun to see it come together.

It was coooooold here yesterday in Colorado.? The kind of cold that kept us in all day.? Until I remembered that we were out of milk and cereal and bread and yogurt and cheese and turkey and whole wheat crackers and bananas.? Haha, no biggee.? So I was off to the store at 4:30 p.m. and after opening the front door to head outside, I was shocked to see that the freezing temps had turned into an angry blizzard of snowflakes.? So we went back inside to add more layers to our bodies, which is when I realized I couldn’t find my little guy’s hat.? He has a hood on his coat but there’s something extra cozy about a nice snug hat to keep you warm and then placing a coat hood on top of that.? Layers are good. I’m sure his other hat will be found under a couch cushion or in the back of the shoe closet one of these days…….but I couldn’t go to bed last night until I made the little mister a new hat.