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 floral cushion covers     |      2019-12-03 02:13

Pattern will still be majorly important throughout spring 2014 and whilst we will see the obligatory and omnipresent floral playing its part, the botanical prints of the passing season have taken a tropical bend this season, evolving into a celebration of lush, tropical and exotic flora and fauna in the form of striking palm, tropical fruit and beach grass prints, in bold shades incorporating everything from pink and coral to greenfloral cushion covers, turquoise and yellow.

It can be a look that’s hard to live with and although I love the striking colours and boldness of the Manuel Canovas designer fabric above (at a mere £85mtr!)I personally think that such a powerfully themed trend will be short lived. So if you’re not one for redecorating each season and are looking for something with a bit more staying power, then I think the subtle nod towards tropical that is provided by this Amy Kent beach grass rug is a look that will have much more longevity. Amy’s rugs are made of silk and wool , are hand dyed and the designs are individually knotted and would make a wonderful style ‘investment’ -? but if your budget doesn’t run to the £318 per square metre that this quality of rug commands, then you might want to have a browse through some of ours???

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From fabric to accessories, rugs and wallpaper, tropical designs, leaf prints and all things Tropicana are set to feature in heating up homes for the immediate season at least. ?

Animal prints have featured in our interiors for the past few seasons and seem to be set to stay the course this season too, picking up momentum to encompass not only animal markings but tribal, safari and monotone influences too. ?

Overkill often makes the use of animal prints in interiors cheap and tacky, so the key is to keep everything relatively plain with clean lines and expansive spaces and to punctuate the scheme with key accent pieces that make an effective statement.

With a bit of basic design skill the look can be applied to almost any room and for any genre. But keep the less is more approach in mind and a few carefully chosen accessories or a bit of detailing may be all that is needed to make your finished scheme effective and stylish without the ‘caveman’ overload.

We can expect to see somewhat of a vintage revival too this season, but it is geometrics that will undoubtedly have the strongest influence throughout the season. Patterns will be strong and bold influenced by a revival of rustic industrial or utilitarian designs, or more playful and energetic taking on board Moroccan influences. ?

Geometrics will be used extensively for soft furnishings, furniture and even wall hangings (again reflecting Moroccan influence). The season’s colour explosion which is mainly inspired by Latin American colour combinations and fabrics will often appear combined with these geometric patterns or with simple lines and stripes. ?

The resulting combinations are so effective that a single geometric piece can make a statement just on its own. You can in fact use them to emphasise a specific part of a room, or an entire room. Stick to clean simple lines elsewhere in the room though to help create a more elegant and luxurious atmosphere – pattern overload is not a good look for any home

If you are colour cautious, however, geometrics can still create an instant, visual, focus in any room in striking monochrome, if you prefer to play it safe. ?

In fact, in direct contrast to the undeniable colour explosion of the season, a black and white palette is very new and very now for Spring2014. According to Elle Decor many designers including the likes of Stella McCartney, Chanel and others, showed inspirational takes on the palette in their Spring2014 catwalk shows. Black and white has always been a classic combination and it can make a strong impression in the home and is especially effective with pops of the season’s neon shades or with yellow or gold to warm the look.

This announcement has been in the works for quite some time, and I couldn't be more excited to finally share the good news with all of you!

Home isn’t always before and afters, but even progress feels oh so good! Today I’m so excited to share before and “afters” of our little lake cottage which includes some really easy and budget friendly ideas.

If you have been looking for a comfortable and innovative way to keep your family toasty this upcoming winter, floor warming probably looks like an exciting option. After all, wouldn’t you rather walk around on luxuriously warm floors in your bare feet than tiptoe across freezing cold tiles just to get into the shower? Some homeowners, however, are worried about how safe this sort of heating is and are hesitant to install it in their home.