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 floral cushion covers     |      2020-04-27 15:32


How was your Easter weekend? ? Ours was rainy…; but aside from that we had a very nice Easter with wonderful church service and fun food with friends and family…;

linen sheets

When I say rainy I’;m not kidding- we are at 317% of normal rainfall for April. It pretty much started raining on Friday and hasn’;t stopped since then.

In the 5 minutes on Easter Sunday that it was not raining, I rushed the kids outside to get some photos of them in their Easter duds..

As you can see it was a highly successful photo shoot…;

I think they were all going a little stir crazy from the excessive rain.

I did manage to snap a few photos of my daughter in her Easter dress.

It’;s Oliver S School photo dress pattern made out of pink seersucker with some lime green accents.

I was going for a “;updated”; 80’;s preppy look- I’;m not sure if it worked or not, at 11 pm Saturday night I was regretting the greenfloral cushion covers, but when I saw her wearing it Sunday I was happy with it.

I think the green pops added a little bit of fun detail to the dress, and oh my- I love the gathered collar on this pattern!!

This is my first time with an Oliver S pattern and I must say that I was VERY pleased. If you are a new sewer I would HIGHLY recommend the patterns as they are very detailed and easy to follow.

I even added a bright green zipper to the back. ?First time with an invisible zipper but it was NOT HARD! I always psyche myself out and think things will be harder than they are.

Oh- I did not forget about this month’;s theme of “;home”;…; I’;ve just got 4 projects started and am waiting on good weather to finish them. It’;s not supposed to stop raining until Thursday here. We luckily are escaping the flooding, but many in our area are not…; The Ohio river is expected to reach it’;s highest level in 15 years. ?I’;m sure many living in the Ohio River Valley could use some extra prayers this week.

A few weeks ago, I made an Under An Hour Silkscreened Scarf. While I was at it, I whipped up a little jersey hat. Clare loves that the silkscreened pattern makes her hat and scarf a matching set, but this is also a great t-shirt project. The best part is that you still have time to make a bunch of these for Christmas gifts!So easy, check it out…

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, there are certain things every room needs. The beauty of interior design is that there’s no right or wrong way to go about decorating your space, but with that said, it never hurts to have a handy checklist that’ll help you bring the finishing touches to your latest project.

Each?new year, I’m inspired to make a fresh start and clean the clutter from our home. Throughout the year we acquire a lot of stuff. Often it’s things that have?been forgotten in that dark little closet, at the bottom of the basket or nestled among other things. Toys that haven’t been touched in months and papers that have been in stacks so long that they no longer have meaning. I believe that less stuff equals less stress. Today I’m sharing?my home organization tips.