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The change in season is not only a time to transition your wardrobe; it is also a chance to refresh your bed. As you trade out lighter layers for those that are warmer, here are some tips for how to build a foundation that will keep you healthy and comfortable while you sleep.

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Starting fresh with a whole new bed?

Our Coyuchi Mattress by Naturepedic is the place to start if you’re building from scratch. It is both Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means you can sleep with as minimal exposure to chemicals and VOC’s as is currently available on the market. You can customize to your comfort and sleep needs selecting different combinations of steel coils, organic wool and organic latex, because it is made by hand in their Ohio facility. Latex provides many of the same functions as memory foam – soft comfort that molds to your body and pressure relief – but is durable, and like wool, it can help manage body temperature. The latex used in the mattress is Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certifiedfloral cushion covers, meaning you can be assured that it is composed of natural rubber as opposed to petroleum based oils, flame retardants and other chemical additives.

We highly recommend covering your mattress with a mattress pad or mattress protector. This extra layer will not only help protect your investment and extend the life of your mattress but it will also add an additional layer of comfort that can be easily removed and washed. Our organic cotton Mattress Padis quilted for extra comfort and meets flammability standards without the use of flame retardants.

For those that don’t need the plushness added by an additional quilted layer (the Coyuchi Mattress comes with an organic cotton quilted cover) but still want softness and protection, we recommend our organic flannel Mattress Protector. This thick, 13 oz flannel is absorbent, so it will protect your mattress without a lot of extra layers. It is also un-dyed and minimally processed so it is great for customers with sensitive skin. We recommend that you wash you mattress pad and/or your mattress protector monthly.

Finish your natural bed with either the US-made Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert or Lightweight Down Duvet Insert, US-made Down Pillows, and organic cotton sateen Pillow Protectors.

Have a down or feather allergy or prefer wool for its natural insulation properties?

Wool bedding is a great alternative if you have a down and feather allergy, or if you are just looking to improve your sleep experience. It is plush and comfortable and has several benefits for a healthy sleep. It helps regulate body temperature – if you’re a hot sleeper it will cool you down and absorb sweat, and if you’re a cool sleeper it will warm you up. It is hypoallergenic, a natural flame retardant, and is washable so you can manage dust mites and other irritants. To go the wool route, we recommend our Coyuchi Mattress with our Wool Mattress Topperand Wool Duvet Insert.Both, the topper and duvet insert are made with un-dyed wool that is washed with biodegradable soap on antique machines in Michigan.

Already have a mattress that you love or are not ready to replace? Check out the combinations below for adding comfort and natural products.

Wool Mattress Topper Wool Duvet Insert – As one customer described the Wool Mattress Topper, “Made my old mattress feel like a new one! I bought this mattress topper as an alternative to buying a new mattress. I put it on my 10 year old mattress and it instantly felt like it was brand new again! I am sleeping better then I have in years and not over heating like I have in the past. Great, great product and a good investment.”

Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert – As one customer described the Mattress Pad,“Beautiful, well made and worth the extra price. This is the most beautiful and well-made mattress cover I have ever had. Every other mattress pad feels cheap in comparison. Definitely worth the extra price as it will last, last, last.”

Organic Cotton Mattress Protector Winter Weight Down Duvet Insertor Wool Duvet Insert – As one customer described the Mattress Protector, “Fantastic mattress pad alternative. I have been searching for a mattress cover that smooths the surface of the mattress without having the required chemicals that mattress pads must legally add (thanks for protecting us, CPSC...). The ultra thick flannel on this cover is a really amazingly plush alternative. Totally natural, undyed cotton makes for sweet dreams!”

If you are looking to upgrade your bedding foundations but looking for a special value, check out our new Coyuchi Exclusive Sets. Specifically, the Organic Bedding Essentials Plus Set and Organic Bedding Essentials Set.

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