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I am sooooooooooooo excited to share this post with you today! If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I live in Greensboro, NC. I love Greensboro for so many reasons, not the least of which is that it has a unique Christmas tradition oflighted Christmas balls! They are so, so magical.

They hang from trees and make the neighborhoods that partake in the fun feel like a wonderland at night. Before I continue babbling about them, let me give you a better idea ofwhat I am talking about. Check out this short video that will show you how HUGE the impact of the magical lighted Christmas balls can be when a whole neighborhood hangs them. All those little dots you see are these awesome lighted Christmas balls! The lighted Christmas balls tradition started in the Sunset Hills neighborhood, but is starting to creep into oursfloral cushion covers, which is so exciting! Why not start the tradition in your neck of the woods?!

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We knew we wanted to make some lighted Christmas balls for our house this year, so we headed to out to buy our supplies right after Thanksgiving. You only need a few supplies and they are SUPER easy to make! Oh, and before you dive into the tutorial, I wanted to let you know that I have some gorgeous Christmas printables in my super affordable printable art shop that I think you will love! You can check them out below:

Materials needed to make lighted Christmas balls:

Steps to make lighted Christmas balls:

1) First, put your gloves on–;chicken wire is pretty sharp {ignore the fact that Joe didn't wear them–;you should}! Next, cut out yourchicken wire into rectangular shapes. To create a round shape, your chicken wire must be twice as long as it is wide. We worked with chicken wire about 2′; by 4′;.

2) Place the two cut sides together and connect them by twisting the wires around each other {see below}. At this point, you will have a tube shape.

3) Begin pushing the ends of the “;tube”; together and twisting the wire together. You kind of “;pleat”; the chicken wire as you push it to the center of the tube and start to make your roundshape.

4) Continue sculpting, making the shape as round as possible. Trust me, they look A LOT more round once they are hanging in trees, so don't be overly finicky about the shape.

5) Once your ballshape has taken form, wrap two strands of 100 mini lights around each ball. Be sure the leave the male end of your plug {on the second strand of lights} exposed so that you will be able to power it up. Weave the lights in and out of the chicken wire so that the lights are securely attached to the ball.

This was a family affair at our house. Note howclassymy family appears in this photo. Joe dressed our girls {#wow#dadfashion} and he is sporting a Coors Light t-shirt. CLASSY I tell you. But, we had a lot of fun :)

6) Now you are ready to hang your balls. There are A LOT of different ways to do it–;potato guns, fishing poles, etc. But, we tied a string to a lacrosse ball and Joe launched the ball with his lacrosse stick. Once the lacrosse ball cleared whatever branch we wanted to hang the ball on, we would lower it down, remove the lacrosse ball and attach the christmas ball to it. BE SURE TO PLUG YOUR LIGHTED BALL INTO AN EXTENSION CORD BEFORE RAISING IT INTO POSITION. We secured all of our connections with duct tape to ensure they did not come loose while hoisting the balls into position.

7) Once your ball is in position, tie the excess rope around a stake and stick it in the ground. When you are ready to remove them, just cut your strings and watch them fall :)

Ready to see the finished project all aglow at night?! Believe me when I tell you that these balls are difficult to photograph/video and are so much more brilliant and beautiful in person! But, I did my best to photograph our balls and hope it will be enough to inspire you to make your own.

We can even see them from the hallway upstairs, which I love.

We hung some “;rainbow”; balls in our backyard because our girls were BEGGING for some, but I didn't have a chance to take photos of those, and I really prefer the all white lights, which is why we hung all of the white light balls in our front yard :)

Aren't these lighted Christmas balls wonderful?! I hope you are feeling inspired to make some for yourself! If you are, be sure to pin this post so you can refer back to it later :) And be sure to check out my other Christmas posts before you head out :)

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So what do your teens really want? It is a good question with no one answer, but one thing is for sure - they do want a space they can call their own. Even the younger teens or 'tweens' want to proud of saying they helped to make their bedroom what it is.

Have you ever heard of a quilted postcard? I hadn’t until our last meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild! (Click this link to learn about the Modern Quilt Guild?and find a chapter near you)?Each of us used scraps and trims to stitch our own mini-quilt onto a small piece of? heavy craft interfacing and then attached the postcard backing with fusible webbing. I used some scraps of old men’s silk ties along with some cottons and tried the piece as you go method, stitching directly on the heavy craft interfacing. I really liked using this method with the small pieces, and it was fun to see it come together.

It was coooooold here yesterday in Colorado.? The kind of cold that kept us in all day.? Until I remembered that we were out of milk and cereal and bread and yogurt and cheese and turkey and whole wheat crackers and bananas.? Haha, no biggee.? So I was off to the store at 4:30 p.m. and after opening the front door to head outside, I was shocked to see that the freezing temps had turned into an angry blizzard of snowflakes.? So we went back inside to add more layers to our bodies, which is when I realized I couldn’t find my little guy’s hat.? He has a hood on his coat but there’s something extra cozy about a nice snug hat to keep you warm and then placing a coat hood on top of that.? Layers are good. I’m sure his other hat will be found under a couch cushion or in the back of the shoe closet one of these days…….but I couldn’t go to bed last night until I made the little mister a new hat.