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I’;m going to show you How to Make Glitter Painted Glass Ornaments in any color you need! Have you ever wondered how they get glitter or paint to stick to the inside of a glass ornament? This easy DIY Christmas craft idea is great to do with the kids!

The countdown to Christmas has begun! This certainly isn’;t an original idea, but I had never tried this, although I’;d been admiring them for a few years. They couldn’;t possibly be as easy as everyone says.

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Well, guess what? They ARE easy! SO easy! I’;ll be showing everyone how fun and easy?these are on my monthly segment on AMNW. I think Helen the host will love these! I love finding fast and easy ways to decorate my home for the holidaysfloral cushion covers, like my glittered poinsettias.

Decorating for Christmas, I don’;t swap out all my holiday decor from year to year. Of course, I pick up a few items each season, but I pretty much use the same stuff every Christmas. I like Simple DIY Christmas ideas.

I love that you can create a custom color theme for your home whenever you need to. These are also a great project for older kids.

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1. Take the ornament hanger off before. Pour a small amount of Glitter It or Pledge Floor Care into the glass ornament.

Swirl around making sure to wet the entire inside. Pour the remaining liquid out into a cup or sink.

2. Sprinkle and pour a generous amount of glitter inside your glass ornament. You may want to use a small funnel or make a paper cone. My glitter bottle had a pretty good opening for perfect pouring, so I was able to do it without a funnel.

3. Covering the opening with a paper towel, shake and swirl until the inside is completely covered with glitter. ?If you need more glitter, just pour more in. Shake out excess glitter.

4. ?Set the ornament upside down with the opening facing the bottom of a small cup. ?This allows them to dry with no pooling of excess liquid or glitter. Dry at least 24 hours before placing the ornament hanger back on.

1. Pour a liberal amount of acrylic paint into your glass ornament.

2. Swirl or gently shake so paint is covering the entire inside of the ornaments.

3. Place upside down in your paper cup to drain. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. Place your ornament hanger back on and enjoy!

And now you know how to make glitter painted glass ornaments. The mystery is over. You choose if you want Glittered Ornaments or Painted.

With just a few craft supplies and empty glass ornaments, you can now create color coordinated holiday ornaments for your tree.

What color will you be making?

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