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Black &; white colour schemes are a timeless, with the ability to suit any style of home and interiors from contemporary to Shabby Chic and everything in-between. One of the great advantages of this colour combination is its gender friendliness. Add an accent of another colour and a room can take on a whole new perspective.

Give floors an area rug to add texture, pattern and underfoot comfort.

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Use wallpaper or fabric to make a statement headwall. Use geometrics patterns for contemporary décors or go floral for a modern traditional or Shabby Chic style.

Full length curtains always look stunning in a bedroomfloral cushion covers, particularly if it has a large picture window. Opt for white or black, either will compliment the scheme beautifully.

Typically the focal point in a bedroom, the style of bed and the bedding should blend effortlessly into the scheme. Look for bed with storage to achieve a sleek, uncluttered look in contemporary and modern motifs.

If you're going for a chic contemporary style plain bedding, highlighted by a bed runner is the way to go. Choose white duvet covers with a black, steel gray or sliver runner to keep true to the monochromatic colour scheme.

Pick accessories to suit your personal style. Accessories are also the way to add an accent colour if you wish, however, don't go overboard otherwise you'll lose the black &; white theme. One cushion will do the trick nicely.

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