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 floral cushion covers     |      2019-09-29 11:55

Boudoir cushions are a must for most interior design schemes. If you're going for a luxe, Hollywood or glam motif use a range of different textures and include those wit metallic elements.

For traditional and minimalistic schemes plain colours with different textures will add refinement without being overly ornate or ostentatious.

linen sheets

Statement headboards remain on-trend. They are perfect for creating a focal point, more especially when designed to compliment the bedding. Stylish headboards can be made using patterned wallpaper or patterned fabrics. Fabric is durable and won't mark or tear in the same way paper can. It can also be cheaper than some luxury wallpaper.

A large MDF sheet is all that's neededfloral cushion covers, and simply use a staple gun to hold the fabric in place. Pull the fabric taught each side to avoid rucking and creases.

Beside table lamps are a useful addition to any style of bedroom. Look for unusual shapes or go for those which sit unobtrusively and yet add to the overall wow factor of the room. If you're going glam, luxe or Hollywood statement lighting, both central and side lamps, should add to the look without taking centre stage.

A good night’s sleep could be the difference between taking home gold or silver.

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This weekend, ?I decided to use the woodland ferns in my shade garden for a little updated art to flank the mantel. ?This framed woodland ferns project is an easy weekend DIY that anyone can do and the end result is one-of-a-kind botanical art with meaning.